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Friday, September 20, 2013

Toons & Tease

Tickets are $15 advanced
$20 day of the show

You are encouraged to wear your favorite Saturday morning cartoon show costume or your comfy jammies.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lab teching my way through striptease school: A Spectacular Spectacular Birthday Show for Lemme Addams

The day after performing at the Ruby Revue show, I had another gig on the other side of the Metroplex: stage kittening at Lemme Addams Stardust Revue.  Lemme, who also produces Whiskey Tongue Burlesque, is a good burlesque buddy so when she was casting for her birthday show, I jumped at the opportunity to pick up panties.  The theme, “A Night at the Moulin Rouge”, made me even more excited.  I love the music, and there was a ton of costuming potential.  I had something in mind that I hoped would work.

My neo-Victorian burlesque
costume, taken at All-con
by David Scott

Lily LeCroix, the stage manager, liked my neo-Victorian burlesque costume, which I originally wore at All-con.  Because of the time crunch (it was a busy weekend), I planned to show up already dressed.  I had spent the day with my family so I was trying to find a way to explain to my mother, who doesn’t know about my burlesque endeavors and is the more vocal parent, what kind of birthday celebration this was.  She was okay with the costume though so that bullet was dodged.  In fact, she had more to say about my show make-up because she’s a fan of the more natural look.

I’ve learned that each production operates differently, just as each venue has its own stage set-up.  Slowly I’m cultivating my ability to adapt and think on my feet.  However, at the show, I found out that some venues might not be for me.  Although Lemme had said that the venue allowed smoking, I assumed that I would be far enough away from the audience to be able to handle it.  Unfortunately, it was almost showtime when I discovered that my lungs are not as strong as I thought.

To make things worse, I learned that you shouldn’t eat a big meal the day of a show, especially if you’re going to squeeze into a corset.  My brother was in town so my parents took us out for a gigantic brunch.  I guess I was still full from the strippers’ breaksfast ten hours earlier, but I wasn’t going to pass up on good (and free) food.  On top of that, because I’m a creature of habit and didn’t want to be hungry in the middle of the show, I ate a small dinner before I left my parents’ house.  After being okay for an hour, stomach pains hit.  I thought I could power through it all, but I should’ve remember that Satine didn’t fare so well (sorry if I spoiled Moulin Rouge for anyone).  Thankfully there were two other kittens, but it was stupid of me to not let someone know where I was disappearing off to before the show began and to just communicate more.  Lesson learned, and I'm going to try to work on my bad habit of not telling people when I need help.

me and the birthday girl,
who made the lovely fascinator
Despite being ill, the show was really fun.  I got to see so many interesting interpretations of songs I loved, and I got an up-close view of how much work goes into burlesque costumes– and getting into them.  I was in awe of the creativity in the show and thrilled to have been able to celebrate Lemme’s birthday.  The atmosphere was wonderful.  Burlesque dancers sure do know how to throw a birthday party.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Interview with Andy Silvers on Dieselpunks.org

Andy Silvers Photography: Stories
I recently had the opportunity to interview photographer Andy Silvers for Dieselpunks.org. His work has been posted here before and I thought the interview would be of interest to the followers of this blog. Enjoy! Cap'n...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dieselpunk Photo Shoot

We’re proud to post a set of erotic photographs featuring dieselpunk dancer, model and a co-host of the Diesel Powered Podcast Ava Dahl taken with Gwendolyn Sweet. The photographer is Craig Evensen of pulpretro.com. You can visit Eversen's web store here.